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Hairstyle With Zillion Braids


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A zillion braids is a very unique way of styling the hair. This hairstyle includes numerous, miniscule braids all over the head very common on African American women. The style can be easily created on the hair that is thick as well as frizzy and it is also very easy to maintain for a long period of time. Just follow these simple methods to create zillion braids at home with the help of your friend.
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Begin the hair styling after parting the hair down the center with a comb. Then create a second part away from the first and secure the other sections of hair to keep the strip of hair loose. Take a synthetic hair with two, small bunches of hair and place it across one another. Comb the hair using a brush and keep the two strands of hair joined together by a knot in the center. Now collect a small bunch of hair from loose hair which must be same size of the synthetic hair and pull it away from the scalp. Keep the knotted center of synthetic hair under natural strand of hair and wrap the ends around the natural hair. Start braiding the synthetic hair and once the braid reaches the desired length, hold it in place with a small knot at the end. Braid the entire head in the same way move towards the side of your head in rows to keep the braids evenly spaced.
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