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Overlay Ponytail


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An overlay ponytail is usually used to create a high-end hairstyle. A simple ponytail can be created in just ten minutes using an add-on which can offer a wealth of possibilities as well as an eye-catching hairstyle. This is a great choice for those who have short hair and are unable to achieve a ponytail at home. Here is a simple process that can be followed to get this type of hairstyle within minutes.
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First you must select an add-on ponytail that matches your natural hair color and texture. Then wash the hair and blow dry your hair and brush the hair completely which will make it easily merge with the hairpiece for a natural look. Next brush the hair straight back from the forehead to make a pompadour on top of the head. Pull the hair at the sides back smoothly and then join your natural hair using a rubber band. Add the add-on ponytail to the head directly below using a rubber band if your natural hair is short. Try to blend the hair with the add-on ponytail to make it natural as possible and secure it with bobby pins. At last jeweled ponytail holder or ribbon to cover the joined area and spread a little amount of gel in your hands to apply all over the ponytail. You can also curl the end of your add-on ponytail to create a very unique look and spritz the hair with a quick spray.
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