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Emo Poof Hairstyle


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An emo hairstyle is a very unique hairstyle that is usually worn by teenagers. It has been influenced by modern pop, punk and gothic fashion. An emo poof is an option that can be worn along with a standard emo hairstyle. The style is characterized by dark clothing along with short, dark hair and a brooding attitude. There are emo band members and fans who like to wear this hairstyle with a choppy bob-style which will be at the back of the head to create a spiky poof look.
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To create emo poof, first cut the hair into a choppy and layered bob. Keep the bangs long which must hang straight and angled on the sides of the head. Then wash the hair and blow dry it as usual to create a fluffy look. Try to straighten the hair using a flat iron just in case it is naturally curly or wavy. Spread a little amount of mousse in your hand and then run it all over the hair on the back of your head starting from the root to tip as well as from the base of your neck to up. Now you can comb the hair or run your fingers through the hair from neck up to the scalp to more add body. Using more mousse can make the hair stand up on its own. Mist the hair with hairspray at the back to look spiky and to make the bangs smooth as well as sleek.
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