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Double Side Ponytail


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A double side ponytail is a simple and one of the easiest ways of styling your hair. A single ponytail is a very common way of styling your hair and it is also considered as the first hairstyle worn by most of the people. To make it a little unique you can try out a double side ponytail which can make your hair look fabulous. This style can be achieved with hair that is medium to long in length and it can be worn on any type of hair from straight to curled hair. You can try this hairstyle on one side or one on each side of the head.
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To get a double side ponytail, first brush all of your hair on one side of the head to get rid of tangles. Then divide the hair down the middle to create two ponytails on opposite sides of the head. Brush each of the hair behind the ear and secure it at the nape of your neck. Use hair bands that are similar to your hair color to secure the ponytail or pin each section of the hair in place using a bobby pin at the end. Leave your ponytails a little loose to create a messy look and it can also make you feel uncomfortable if it the hair is pulled too tight. Make sure to use hair gel to smooth the hair and use bobby pins to secure the hair that comes out of the ponytail.
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