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Hairstyle With 360 Waves


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Having a hairstyle with 360 waves can be very interesting. This style is usually worn by men and there are few women who also try to wear it only for rear occasions. It is a unique way of styling the hair and the hair will also look like it is spinning in a 360 degree angle. The hairstyle can be achieved only if your hair is naturally curly and for other types of hair the time consumed may vary. Here are few simple steps to get this style on the head at home.
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To create this style, start cutting the hair one and half inches thick in a 360 degree pattern. Wash your hair using a shampoo and condition it as usual. Spread a generous amount of pomade in the hands palms and apply it all over your hair. Soak towel in a bowl of hot water and keep it across your head for two to three minutes. Press the towel firmly to spread the pomade melt all over the hair and brush it from the middle of your head towards the front. Next brush the hair from the crown back down towards the neck. Brush it again below the crown diagonally over your ear to create a connection between forward stroke in the front as well as downward stroke in the back of your head. Leave the wave cap for 30 minutes on your head and brush strokes for creating waves.
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