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Updo Cornrows


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Cornrows are small, tight braids which is usually placed flat on top of your scalp. This style is associated with African and African American culture. In the present day, most of the people wear cornrows in different ways and one of such style method is updo cornrows. It has been diversified to add the elegant updos and twists on the ancient classic hairstyles.
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To create updo cornrows, first part the hair which will be used to create a cornrow using a rat tail comb. Try to keep your hair damp with water during the styling process. Now use a small section of hair to start the cornrow and avoid pulling the hair tightly. Divide your hair into three sections and start the process for one or two stitches. Pick up more hair from sections that was parted earlier and braid it into the cornrow. It is very much similar to a French braiding technique. You may also use rubber bands or even hair clips to keep the excess hair out of your way. Braid the entire hair along the scalp and use the same procedure to style the other sections that was divided before. Finally you must have completed rows of braids all over the scalp. Now you can create an updo with the cornrows which can be done in different ways. To keep the hairstyle simple, twist the end braids around similar to a ballerina bun and secure it using pins.
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