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Slip Knot Micro Braids


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Micro braids are usually created by braiding the hair into tiny sections with synthetic or human hair extensions. The hair will be braided 3-4 inches down the length of the hair strand and then secured with a slip-knot. A slip knot micro braid is a perfect choice for keeping the hairstyle in place for a long time. It can also make your job easier while removing the tiny micro-sized braids.
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Start the styling after washing your hair and conditioning it properly. Use shampoo for washing and try moisturizing conditioner for deep conditioning. Rinse the hair using cool water and spread a little amount of oil. Now part the hair into 1/4 inch sections and secure it with clips. Use one section of hair to divide into three equal parts. Take two 1/8 inch wide hair of the extension and loop over the natural hair. Start crossing the first strand part over the middle strands to make left strand the middle leaving it on the left side. Then cross right strand over the middle strand to make the right strand middle and middle strand will stay on the right. Continue this braiding process till you reach the end of the hair. Next wrap the loose end of your braid around the index finger to create a small loop and pull the loose end through it to create a knot. Now pull the knot in an upward motion at least three to four times to secure the hair in place.
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