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Hairstyle With Zulu Knots


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Zulu knots used to be a common hairstyle among most of the women who would liked to style there in a unique way. It can be created with the hair which is thick and curly which can provide instant protection to your hair by keeping the ends tucked under the knot. The hairstyle has an easy method to achieve which is referred as making and removing a knot. It can be created on a short hair very easily which is two inches long.
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To get this hairstyle, part your damp hair into sections and then keep each of them at least one inch wide. Create loose hairstyle by keeping each section two or three inches wide and hold in place with clips. Next take a part of your hair and apply a little amount of gel to hold the style in place. Start twisting the section with your fingers in a spiral motion and now the hair must look like a rope. Mist the hair water and wrap the twisted section in a circular motion to get a knot. Secure the ends of the hair with hairpins. If you have the hair which is more than two inches, tuck the hair ends underneath the knot. Use the same process to create Zulu knots all over your head and make sure to leave your hair to dry naturally. The knots will usually take lot of time to dry and settle in one place.
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