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Long Spiky Hairstyle


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Having a long spiky hairstyle can be very interesting as it can give a completely different look for those who wear it. This style was worn during the sixth century and it was again worn in the 80s mostly by punk bands. It is also worn by few people even today to get a attractive look. Even though this hairstyle looks very easy to create, it can be quite challenging for most of them. Try to use the right tool and technique while creating this style. Just use the following methods to create a long spiky hairstyle at home without getting help from a hairstylist.
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To get a long spiky hairstyle, first wash and condition the hair in a normal way. Then leave the hair to dry naturally or use a hairdryer. Then decide about the portion of hair that will be spiked on your head so you must slather that part of the hair with a heavy duty spiking gel. Now take a small part of the hair which you would like to spike. Keep the hair straight up in the air using a comb and mist the section with a strong hold hair spray. Use a hair dryer on the part which was sprayed with a hairspray and continue spraying until the section of hair is completely stands straight up without any support. Use the same procedure on the other sections of the hair that you would like to create a spike.
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