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Jennifer Ferrin With Ringlet Curls


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Jennifer Ferrin has got ringlet curls and it is one of the beautiful ways of styling the hair perfect only for special events. In this hairstyle, the hair will look curly from the scalp till the end of your hair. It can be created with the help of a generous amount gel along with a curling iron. The hairstyle will also look curly and wavy which can give a great look for any type of face. This style can be achieved on any type of hair, but make sure the hair is long enough for having ringlets.
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There most important thing while creating this hairstyle is it can give a fake look if you try to create this hairstyle in a straight hair. Most of the people will try to get ringlets even if they are old even though they will fail to create the same effect then the younger ones. While creating this style, leave natural curls to fall on the ringlets as it can add a romantic flair to your hairstyle. Try to pin the curls around the face to create a classic look in case the hair is too short. There is another option which pinning the curls when it is still wet or apply a little amount of styling gel over your hair and try to avoid using a comb after styling the hair as it may spoil your hairstyle. This hairstyle can be created by using any type of front hairline.
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