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Bohemian Braid Hairstyle


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A bohemian braid hairstyle is the most used style among the celebrities. It can easily make your look beautiful and also attractive in the way the hair is braided. Most of the women with long hair prefer this type of hairstyle as it can be created easily in a short period of time. Try ti make sure the length of the hair is long enough to create the braids or else try to grow your hair long before trying this style. The hairstyle is usually achieved with the technique of French braiding and it can look good if your hair extends beyond the shoulders.
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To create the hairstyle, start by parting your hair and then take a small amount of the hair in your hands. Divide a small section of hair into three different sections and take the top strand on the middle strand, bottom strand over the middle strand. Next take a small section of hair over the braid and try to pull it into the top strand of your braid. Pull the top strand of braid over the middle strand and take a small section of your hair below the braid to pull it over the bottom strand. This will ensure that hair is braided in a proper way and after completing the braiding leave the remaining hair as it is or you may also create a bun at the back your head. Finally add a flower or any hair accessories to the hairstyle.
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