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Erykah Badu With Hair Beads


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Erykah Badu has got a hairstyle with beads which can make anyone look completely different. This hairstyle is usually worn by small children and it can be a perfect choice for a party with kids. Adding small beads on the strands of your hair can be a great way to look unique and sometimes these beads are worn over a braided hairstyle. To create a formal look try to use delicate glass beads and while using it on the children try out colorful pony beads. There are wooden as well as metal beads which can be used on your hair. Hair beading can be combined with hair wraps, embroidery floss and even with a ribbon to create on your own look.
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Try to use suitable beads on your hair such as larger pony beads, wooden beads and pretty glass beads. To get a delicate look use tiny seed beads on your hair. Brush the hair with a comb to remove tangles and keep the hair beads on the handle of floss threader and then arrange according to your desire starting from the scalp to end of the hair. Take 5 to 10 strands of hair to use the seed beads or small braid for the pony beads. Send your hair through the loop with a threader and then use a small rubber band below the beads to secure it. While using a seed beads try to add a little amount of glue.
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