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Mini Bouffant Hairstyle


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A mini bouffant hairstyle is a unique hairstyle where there will be hair piled high on your head and hanging down on the sides. The large bouffant hairstyle used to be a popular hairstyle in the 18th century in most of the places including Western Europe. This hairstyle is created by back-combing your hair and using a large amount of hairspray. This is one of the most used hairstyle among the celebrities and it can be created very easily when compared to a standard bouffant hairstyle.
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To create a mini bouffant hairstyle, first divide the front of hair with a comb and then take back section of the hair to create a ponytail on your head. Start taking sections of the hair from ponytail to brush comb it against the hair. Comb the top layer of the ponytail using a soft bristle brush and smooth it on ratted layer. Flip your ponytail forward and secure it using hair clips in a horseshoe shape. Comb the hair to smooth the ends and secure the sides with bobby pins. Backcomb the front of your hair and spritz it with a hairspray to brush it towards the back of your head. Use hair clips to secure the hair and pin the ends under your bun if you are having one.  Backcomb the entire front section of hair to mist a little amount of hairspray and sweep it at the back of the head to secure it with hair clips.
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