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Wrap-Around Braids


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Wrap-Around Braids are one of the most unique and popular way of styling your hair. It is liked by most of the celebrities as it just needs a little practice to achieve. This hairstyle easy to master and it is also a perfect choice for a casual as well as feminine look. The hairstyle may look as though it is very difficult to create, but it can be finished in minutes with some practice.
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To get this style, first take two inch section of hair from the side of your head and separate it into three separate parts. Take the top section of hair from the middle part and then pull bottom piece of hair over to create a traditional braid. Try to braid the hair toward back of your head and take another smaller part of hair to the top section. Combine both the section as you pull top section over middle section. Braid the hair around your head by adding pieces of hair during each step. Keep the braid low at the back of your neck and make sure to use the entire hair at the nape of your neck. Braid the hair down till the end and at the opposite side of your head, just create a traditional braid as there will shortage of hair at this point of the styling process. At last secure the hair with hair elastic at the end and mist all over with a finishing hairspray.
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