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Buzz Cut With Bangs


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Creating a buzz cut with bangs may look a very difficult style to achieve, but it is one of the easiest and less time consuming hairstyle. It is mostly worn by men, but in the present world even women try this style. Try to get help from a friend while creating this hairstyle as you have to cut or evaluate blend the hair correctly. If you want to create it on your own, keep extra mirror to see all the sides of your head.
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To begin the hair styling, wash your hair and dry it naturally. Start cutting the hair with No 3 guard from the front to back and leave the bangs as it is as per your desire to blend it later. To create a longer top, use a different guard and include the bangs. Try to adjust your guard size for the length that you are look to have. Take small part of bangs with the left pointer and middle fingers facing away from the hair your cutting. Pull the hair until you get to the shortest hair in the bunch that was grabbed. Trim the hair using scissors to keep it even and continue the trimming process along the forehead make it even. To keep the bangs shorter, trim the hair at the preferred length. Now you can use No 2 guard for the sideburns and No 1 guard around the edges. Trim the hair that is around your ears and continue around back.
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