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Demi Lovato With Equestrian Ponytail


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Demi Lovato has got an equestrian ponytail which is a simple and easy way to create. It will look versatile when you create it in a normal way and try to make it more versatile with additional effort. This hairstyle can be placed in places like high or low at the neck and off to the side of your head. You can easily get a sporty look with this style and sometime most of them will think that it is difficult to create this type of hairstyle. Try to add lot of shine and make it look grungy with the help of hair gels. It can be a perfect choice if you are playing sports or just going out for a walk. Just follow these simple steps to achieve this hairstyle.
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It is easy to create this style, start by washing your hair and condition it as usual. Then apply a moisturizing gel all over your hair and at the sections at the back of your head using covered hair bands. Take the second section of hair just below it and secure it with a hair band. Continue this process until you reach the end of your ponytail and use a ribbon or add another hair band to secure it at the end. Use a widely spaced hair band to make a close ponytail at the back of the head and make it lie flat on your head like a French braid.
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