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Slanting Bob Hairstyle


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A slanting bob hairstyle is gaining popularity among most of the celebrities. A slanted bob usually consists of a short crop in between your shoulder and chin length. Styling a slanted bob at home can be difficult for most of them and with some regular practice, it can be done easily.
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Begin the styling by washing the hair and part the hair down the middle. Use a blow dryer to dry the hair or dry it naturally if you have more time. Use mirrors in the front and back of your hair to get an even cut. Secure the hair and use a comb to create a straight line in the hair at the back of your head. Make sure to keep the comb in a straight position across the back to determine the length of the cut. Cut the hair using scissors below the comb and avoid ripping, tugging or pulling the hair. Move the comb gently to the left side and place the comb at an angle. The angle of the comb must be kept away from the newly cut hair towards your chin. Cut the hair evenly below the comb and move the comb to right side of to position the comb in a similar angle. Point the comb from the newly cut hair at the back and then down toward your chin. Start cutting your hair below the comb in a slanting angle and you can do minor as per your desire.
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