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Lauryn Hill With Comb Twist


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Lauryn Hill has got a very unique hairstyle which is called as a comb twist. There will be small dreadlocks in this hairstyle which can look great on women with short hair. It is also the most popular style among African American women because it is considered of being a sleek way of wearing your hair in a manageable fashion. The hairstyle is also perfect for a range of events. It involves a simple method to create this style that can be done at home without any help.
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To begin the styling, wash your hair and condition it fully. Keep your hair slightly damp and start combing them in a normal way which will help to remove all the tangles. Then take out a one inch wide section of hair near the nape of the neck from one ear to another ear and secure the rest of the hair up to make them stay away during the styling process. Take quarter section of the hair and then spread a gel or wax all over. Wrap your hair in a rat tail comb from roots till the end. Turn the comb in a circular motion to make it tighter and make the end of your hair to slide off the comb to create a twist. Now comb out a one inch high section of your hair front the section and hold the remaining part of the hair. Create twists using a comb and blow dry your hair.
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