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Military Crew Cut


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A military crew cut is a hairstyle that is usually worn by men and there are only few women who like to style their hair in this way. There are few celebrities such as Jaime Winstone who have been seen wearing this hairstyle. It is usually known as a short hairstyle where the hair will be short on top and shorter on the sides of your head. To create this style, you must use the clippers or an electric razor perfectly.
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Start using an electric razor along the hairline around your ears and above your neck. This will help to make the hairline more precise and it will also make the crew cut look sharp. Use the guard for electric clipper which can help to give the desired hair length on both sides of your head. Use the electric razor along with the guard on both the sides and back of your hair. Start the shaving line one inch above the ears and make sure to stay below the line. Try to change the guard to get the desired length of the hair over the top of your head. It should be kept longer than the sides and run the razor with the new guard on all areas of your head. At last use a comb and razor to blend the line in place spot where the two lengths of hair touch and lift the hair with the same comb and run the razor again over the hair.
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