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Side Crown Braid


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Side crown braid is one of the most popular hairstyle among the celebrities and it was popularized by celebrities like Lauren Conrad. This hairstyle will start diagonally from the eyebrow and then curve along the side of your head before getting into the nape of your neck. It can look perfect on the hair that is at least shoulder length or even longer.
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First part the hair on the opposite side of your head where the braid will stand from the center scalp. Take a second vertical part using a comb about two inches deep from the hairline. Take the remaining hair to create a ponytail and make it stay away from the styling process. Separate the hair into three strands such as A, B and C at the side part. Now take a small strand of hair from side closest to the ponytail with your pointer finger. Start adding this strand into A and overlap it with C. Take the equal size strand from side closest to the forehead and add it with C. Overlap the entire new section with B. Continue this process until you reach the end of the hair and finally use a non-elastic hair band around the side braid. Remove the ponytail to brush it thoroughly and flip the head upside down to access the nape of your neck. Add this part of the hair with your side crown braid and secure it with non-rubber hair elastic.
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