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Layered Messy Bob


layered messy bob layered messy bob2
Creating a layered messy bob is a perfect way of styling your hair which is short. Short hair will usually take a lot of time style while trying to make it smooth, but this style can be used to make it simple. It is a easier way of styling the hair when compared to other structured, formal hair looks. The main aim in creating this hairstyle is to keep the movement in your hair. It is also considered to be one the most low maintenance hairstyle that is worn by most of the people, especially those who go to work or feel difficult to maintain the hair. Here are few simple methods that can be followed to create this style in few minutes.
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To create this hairstyle first spread a little amount of mousse after trying the hair. Starting from the roots comb the hair with a wide-tooth comb and blow-dry the hair while scrunching the sections of it. Curl the ends of your hair using a curling iron and layers throughout the hair. When curling the layers, do it in different directions. At last mist the hair slightly with a hairspray and tousle the hair with your fingers to get into the look. You can wear this hairstyle down or even add a colorful headband. Try to match the hairstyle with a proper outfit to get a great look and avoid using any hair accessories as it may spoil your style.
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