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Hairstyle With Pin Curls


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Having a hairstyle with pin curls can be a perfect choice if you have a curly hair. This hairstyle was popular during the 1940s, but it is still worn by many in the present day also. There are many celebrities who wear this style if they have a short hair. It can give a retro chic look along with long-lasting curls. You can style the hair a day before any special event to make them look completely curly on the next day.
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First spread a hair gel on a damp hair and part it at the desired part line. The pin curl at the left side of the part must be curled forward and pin curls on the right side must be rolled forward toward your face. Take out the first few sections for your curls with a comb which must be one inch square. Keep the hair in place from one section using your comb and press it from a section between your thumbs by pulling it away from the head. Roll the strand toward your scalp in a clockwise direction and keep the size of the circle constant at the base. Handle the hair gently and then ribbon the hair first where the ends must stay neatly curled over the top of your head. Use a double-pronged pin to curl one side of the circle to prevent movement. Cover the hair with a scarf during the night or remove it on the next day.
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