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Complex Chignon Hairstyle


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A chignons is one of the most elegant and classic way of styling your hair for special occasions. There are various methods to create a basic chignon which can be easily mastered by taking few minutes. One of such chignon is known as a complex chignon which is considered to be a perfect choice for various events such as school dances, weddings and other formal places. It is a modified version of the standard chignon which helps the hairstyle to be worn in casual as well as formal settings. It is also perfect for all hair textures and make sure to keep the hair at least longer than the top of your shoulders to create this style easily.
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There is no need to part the hair before starting the styling process in this hairstyle and also avoid pulling all the strands straight back to create a ponytail at the center of the back of your head. You must just divide the hair into two different parts and make sure to split this part into 16 sections. Start twisting each section tightly and pin it in a circle around your ponytail. Continue to twist the hair until the back of your head is covered in twisted loops. At last mist all over the hair with a finishing hairspray to complete the styling process. You can also add a small, jeweled hair clips to make the hairstyle look completely different from other similar chignons.
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