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Base Twist Ponytail


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A base twist ponytail is a classier take on the most common traditional ponytail. It is a perfect choice for various special events and any other time. If you are planning to wear a hairstyle in a distinctive and standout way, this can be a perfect choice. Begin the styling process on a day old hair as it can help the hairstyle to stay in place for a long time and if you are washing the hair apply a little amount of hair gel. There are different variations of base twist ponytail which you can choose as per your desire.
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It is very easy to achieve this hairstyle, you can just create a traditional ponytail with your hair and swirl the hair around the base of it which will cover up the elastic band that holds your ponytail in place. A swirled base ponytail is usually created by putting the hair in a traditional ponytail by just taking one small section of your ponytail which must be about twenty five percent of the total amount of hair left in the ponytail. Start swirling the hair around the base and then tuck the ends of your hair under the elastic band. At last spritz all over the hair with a finishing hairspray to keep the hairstyle in place. This hairstyle will work best for medium to longer hair and straight to curly hair. This style can be perfect for an elegant night out.
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