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Razor Bob Hairstyle


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A razor bob hairstyle is a dramatic and fresh way of styling your hair. This hairstyle is usually associated with Goth, punk and emo influences. You must slash away sections of the hair using a sharp razor blade to achieve this style. This style can be created with straight to wavy hair and it may make the curly hair to frizz. The hairstyle will look similar to a shoulder-length bob put into a wood shredder. There will be a mix of choppy and wispy layers lying up on the smooth lines of the bob which will create a sharp and youthful look. It is one of the most liked hairstyle among celebrities as it is easy to get and also consumed less time.
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The hairstyle also consists of a rounded shoulder-length cut along with the hair at the back longer than the front ones. Most of the people will also try to style a razor bob in different ways. You can spike up the short layers on top of the head with gel and style the tips of longer layers with hairspray which will increase the dramatic difference between the angled cut. Try to leave the hair flat and curl the tip of the each layer outward. The bangs will fall over one eye which will give the style a flirty touch. While creating jagged bangs, start cutting at an angle from left to right and complement the nature of your look.
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