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Loose Loopy Bun


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Creating a loose loopy bun is very easy and it can also give a unique look. It is also considered to be a low maintenance hairstyle that can achieved at home without getting help from any hair stylist. This style can be perfect choice for formal event and sometimes for a prom. It can easily give a modern and less severe look when matched with a proper dress. When you look at this hairstyle it may look very complicated to achieve, but it can be created very easily with some practice. Here is a method that can be followed to get this style within minutes and with very less effort.
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To begin the hair styling, first curl you hair with a one inch curling iron. Then divide the hair by taking it at the back of your head and creating a ponytail. Leave the face-framing front part of the hair as it is. Start rolling one inch section of your ponytail toward the scalp for creating a bun. Now take a small section of loose strands of your hair and pin it into the bun to get a romantic effect. Make sure to leave few strands of hair free around the face which will make the hairstyle more attractive. Finally spritz all over your hair with a medium hairspray to avoid any flyaways from the hairstyle. Try to use hair accessories such as hair pins, flowers or headband to adorn the hairstyle.
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