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Charlize Theron With Soft Finger Waves


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Charlize Theron has got a hairstyle with soft finger waves which are related with a vintage girl look. This style was very popular in the 1940s as most of the celebrities were wearing it on regular basis. If you have a shorter hair then this hairstyle can be easily created and those who have long hair they must pull the hair back to make the style look good. Try to create this style if you have a thick or curly hair as it can make your look better than the fine or thin hair. Just follow these simple steps to create this hairstyle.
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To start the styling process, apply a little amount of hair styling product such as a gel all over your hair and create waves at any place on your head. Use your finger for creating a ridge starting from left side of the hair and move way around. Leave your finger under one inch section of the hair and keep it parallel to the floor. Use a comb to press it against your finger to make one inch section and keep the teeth of the comb down. Pull the comb sideways to get a ridge and make sure you don’t lift the comb. Comb your hair below the ridge and determine it keeping your finger. Now create the next wave about one inch away from the first wave and leave your hair to dry naturally to end the styling.
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