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Monica Geller Hairstyle


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Monica Geller is one of the characters on the sitcom Friends and she used to wear a different hairstyle. Her signature hairstyle is layered shag which is usually worn in various lengths and it was also constant throughout the show. This hairstyle can be adjusted as per your desire and also match it along with the outfit you wear.
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To create this style, first wash and then comb your hair to get rid of tangles. Then tip the head upside down and then comb the hair forward to make it hang straight down your head. Now create a ponytail and hold the base against the top of the head using one hand. Start twisting the ponytail using your other hand and continuing to twist the hair. Grip the end of the ponytail and hold straight from the crown of your head. Cut the hair evenly, straight through the twist from the crown of your head and keep the length of hair more than 5 inches from your scalp. Next remove the ponytail which will make the hair to fall in layers. Spread a little amount of hair gel to make the hair damp and flip your hair forward to blow-dry. Curl the hair ends under a round barrel brush and continue the blow-drying process from the outside. At last brush the hair back away from the face and spritz the hair with a little amount of hairspray to end the styling process.
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