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Katsuyama Hairstyle


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Katsuyama is a Geisha hairstyle which is worn when she ascends the ranks to senior status. Geisha are women of all ages who are characterized by a long and elaborately decorated hairstyle. This hairstyle will look very much similar to the Sokuhatsu style. The style will be matched with white face and vermilion lips that are considered to be iconic of the geisha. Those who wear this hairstyle must grow their hair long so that it can be easily styled by a professional stylist. There are particular hair ornaments that are worn along with this style.
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This hairstyle encourages a decorative variation that is intended to reflect the personality of Geisha. In this hairstyle, the mass of hair will be arranged low on the head starting from the forehead and continuing all the way around the head. The top bun will arise out of the mass of your hair and then angle down toward the back of the head. According to Lauren Lockard, the author of Geisha she explains that this style was modeled and has been named after a top geisha of the 17th century. This style is usually worn with special seasonal adornments during a festival in July. It is also adorned with a special pink as well as silver decoration that will be placed in the center of your bun. A thick red silk ribbon along with various patterns in silver or gold can be woven around the base as well as through the center.
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