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Mohawk Bun


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A Mohawk bun is one of the finest hairstyle that can be achieved to make yourself look completely unique. You must try to add the right amount of hair on each bun to create a perfect shape and tuck away any flyaways. This is not worn by many as it can consume lot of time than a usual Mohawk hairstyle. Here are few simple methods that can help to create this style at home without any help.
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To begin the hairstyling, start with a textured hair to make the hairstyle look perfect and you can try it out with a straight hair. You must use 10-25 bobby pins to secure the hair in a proper way. First take a section of hair on top of head and start twisting it. Now take the twisted section to create a bun by just wrapping it around itself. Then tuck the ends underneath the bun and secure it using bobby pins. After creating the first bun secure it with more texture. Take the next section of hair to create another bun underneath the first bun and create buns one below the other in the same way. At last you must be having bun one below the other at the back of your head. This hairstyle will look cute if you have a little volume at the front of your head. Try to add a hair band or some hair pins to make the hairstyle look more unique.
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