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Hairstyle With Sisterlocks


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Sisterlocks are considered to be smaller and more uniformed version of the dreadlocks. This style is considered to be a beautiful, stylish and low maintenance hairstyle that is perfect for a naturally textured hair. It can be created by taking tiny sections of hair and then locking them into spirals of dreaded coils. The hairstyle is getting more popular day by day and it is also a healthy alternative style to perms and relaxers.
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To get this hairstyle, first wash the hair with a perfect shampoo and condition it lightly to keep the hair damp during the styling process. Then divide the hair into four different sections and take three sections to secure it with a large hair clip. Leave one section of the hair out to continue the styling process. Now divide the loose section into straight rows to keep the locks in a flawlessly uniformed pattern. Each row must have small grid like sections and it must be locked into tiny spirals. Take one of the tiny sections of the hair and tease the end by just combing it gently at the back your head. Avoid snagging or pulling the hair roughly which may result in breakage. Next loop your hair through the locking tool and twist it in a clockwise motion until you reach the end of the hair. Natural hair can remain twisted by using the locking tool without any additional products. Use the same process on the other three sections of your hair.
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