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Swirling Braid


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A swirling braid is a beautiful and unique way of styling your hair. Make sure to have at least medium to long hair without long layers to create this hairstyle. Start the styling on a dry hair and keep the tools such as hairbrush, hair ties and lot of pins. After completing the hairstyle spritz all over the hair with a light hairspray and add a flower or attractive headband to get a completely different look.
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Begin the hairstyling by dividing the hair into three sections using a fine tooth comb. Then French braid middle section of your hair and try to keep it messy. Pull the sides of your French braid outward and grasp the entire braid chunk in each section. Avoid pulling the hair too far to loosen the braid. Tuck the bottom of your braid and pin it in place. Try to use lot of hair pins to secure the bottom below the braid. Now run the comb at the back of your head through one of the hanging sides of the hair and gently rat it. Try to separate the hair and fluff it. Now create the ratted hair into the loosened braid. Twist the ratted hair into a loose twist and then add it into the braid. Secure the hair using pins. Use the same process on the other side of the head after gently rattling your hair, twisting and adding it into the braid using pins.
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