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Rby Gabrielle With Inside-Out Braid


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Rby Gabrielle has got a unique Inside-Out Braid hairstyle which can look completely different from a standard braided style. There are lots of variations used to create a classic three-strand braid and this is one among them that looks similar to a French braid. In this hairstyle, the braid will rise up starting from your scalp which looks elegant on its own. This style can form an excellent base for any other hairstyles including braided buns and crown. Just follow these simple steps to get into this hairstyle.
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To get this hairstyle, begin the hairstyling by dividing one lock of hair from rest of the hair where you want to start the braid. Divide the lock into three different sections and cross the right-hand section under the middle strand. Now cross left-hand section under the middle strand and add a section of hair from the right-hand side of the head to a section on the right side. Then cross the right-hand strand under the middle strand and add another section of hair from left-hand side of the head to a section on the left and cross left-hand strand on the middle strand. Continue adding more hair from the sides of your head in the strands and cross the right as well as left-hand strands under the middle strand till you reach the base of your scalp. After completing the braiding process, secure the end of the braid using a hair band to complete the styling process.
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