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Rosette Updo


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A rosette updo is an eye catching hairstyle which can be created by following a simple method. This hairstyle combines a ponytail, rosette updo along with tiny plaits that will look very much inventive. It is one of the most unique updo which can be created on straight or curly hair. There are also many celebrities who like to wear this style for special events. Just follow these simple steps to achieve this style at home.
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To begin the hairstyling, first was your hair with a shampoo and condition it as usual. Then spread a little amount of mousse all over and blow dry the hair. Take the entire hair on the top of your head to create a ponytail and secure it with a rubber band. Take two sections of hair to create plaits and tie the ends with tiny bands. Divide the hair into three sections and add a plait to each of them. Take one section to crimp it and make sure the hair is kept broad on the crimps. Wrap the section around the ponytail and secure the ends using bobby pins. Mist all over the hair with a hairspray and then crimp the remaining section. Now wrap the hair around the first section to create a rosette and in the same way wrap the third section around second one to create another rosette. After creating the rosette all over the head mist the whole updo with a hairspray to create a shiny look.
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