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Bubble Ponytail


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A bubble ponytail is considered to be a fun way to style your hair which can be worn to make yourself look young. This style works well with any type of hair, but make sure that your hair comes at least your shoulder length. Try to keep the hair frizzier, curlier or even thicker to make this hairstyle look good as the bubble ponytail is all about adding more volume as well as bounce to your hair. The bubble ponytail can be easily achieved by just teasing your hair and then dividing it into at least three bulbous sections which must be of equal length.
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To begin the styling, first you must brush the hair and put it into a single, sturdy ponytail. Next secure the ponytail using an elastic band at the base, near the scalp. Spread a little amount of volumizing hair gel in your palms and apply it all over the hair, starting from forward end of the hairline and slowly moving to the length of your ponytail. Now tease out the length of your ponytail using a comb at the base near the elastic band and use another elastic band around leaving about one third of the way down from the base of the ponytail. Try to slide each elastic band up toward the base of your ponytail which will make the hair to bunch up and then create the bubble effect. Finally tease the hair bubbles a little more to end the styling.
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