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Semi-Shaggy Hairstyle


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A semi-shaggy hairstyle is usually worn by women who like to keep their hair short and it also liked by most of the celebrities. In this style, there will be unkempt-looking layers all over your head to get the right degree of messiness which requires some work. Cut your hair from a hairstylist if have problems in using razors. Here is a simple process that can help to get this style at home.
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It is easy to achieve this hairstyle, first cut the hair in layers and keep it short as per your desire. Use a razor to cut the hair and create a shaggy look along with bangs. The hair must be long enough to slightly cover your ears and at the back of your head it should fall free. Start cutting the hair from the shoulder length to make the hair look perfect. Then trim the ends of your hair if it is curly, because a curly hair can make it difficult to create a shaggy hairstyle. Now spread a little amount of hair gel all over your hair and tousle the hair vigorously to create a messy shaggy look. Try to sweep the hair in one direction while applying the hair gel to get a neat look. Finally spritz all over the hair with a hairspray to add shine and to make the hairstyle stay in place. Try to cut your hair often to maintain this hairstyle for a long time.
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