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Chinese Double Bun


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A Chinese double bun is a simple and beautiful way of styling your hair if it long. This style is mostly liked by kids as there will be two small buns placed on top of your head. It is an elegant variation of a simple spiral bun along with a criss-cross pattern which will look fantastic as well as keep your hair neatly secured. You can style this hair by using special chopstick that is specially designed for using in this hairstyle to complete the styling process in just a few minutes.
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To create a Chinese double bun, brush the hair back to create a high sleek ponytail and secure it with an elastic hair band close to your scalp. Use a chopstick through center of the ponytail behind the hair band and then separate the ponytail into two equal sections. Hold each section in your hand and then take the right section up over the right side of the chopstick. Do the same to the left side by pulling the hair up over the stick to the left. Now pull down tightly on the right as well as left sections of your hair. Cross left section over the right and right over to the left by keeping the hair firmly against the chopstick. At last wind each section of the hair around the perimeter of the double bun in a crossed formation and tuck the ends in to secure it with bobby pins.
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