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Mushroom Bob Hairstyle


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A Mushroom bob is a very unique hairstyle that can be worn by any one. It is a short, scene hairstyle that has become more popular especially among the teenagers who like to keep their hair short. You must be ready to create edgy fringes, dramatic hair color and anime-like spikes which is the base to achieve this look. Most of the time this style can be created at home with the help of a pair of good-quality scissors, a comb and spray bottle. This style was popularized by Karen O, from the band Yeah Yeah Yeahs with a sleek, shiny look.
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If you are planning to make this hairstyle to look perfect on your hair, try to get from a professional hairstylist. This hairstyle is very much similar to a bowl cut, but along with a chic look. There is no need to use a bowl to create this style by yourself. This style will create a sharp-edged frame around the face along with bangs which will start at the crown of your head. The haircut usually ends in length from to the chin and just below your ears. While cutting the hair, try to pull the hair up and keeping the hair lying flat can create uneven, boxy look. Start cutting the hair step by step and when cutting the hair at the back, get help from a friend or use a mirror all around to get better view of the back.
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