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Curling A Nappy Hair


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A nappy hair is a very tightly coiled hair which will be fragile because of its thin and one-dimensional strands. This type of hair needs special attention if you are planning to curl them. A nappy hair can be worn short like a pixie cut or long like leonine tresses. There is no need to use lot of styling products to curl a nappy hair as it can be done with few salon-tested methods like the following.
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To begin the curling process, first divide the hair into four equal parts staring from forehead to the nape of your neck and ear to ear. Spread a dollop amount of hair straightening serum in your hands and spread it over each section of the hair from roots to the tip of the strands. Use a hair dryer along with a comb attachment to straighten your hair and make sure to set the dryer on medium heat. Gently comb your hair with the attachment in a downward motion to straighten the hair and do the same on the remaining sections. Now use a large or medium barreled curling iron with medium to high heat and twist the section of hair over the wand. Collect a small section of hair about 2 to 3 inches wide and curl the hair starting at the roots by slowly twisting it around the wand. Leave the curling iron for five seconds and then slide it out to create curls.
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