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Hairstyle With Sweeping Bangs


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Sweeping bangs are one of the most beautiful hairstyle that is emerged as a best part of the Emo look. This style will help to soften and lengthen your face and it can also look good on those with a round head shape. The sweeping bangs can be created perfectly with the hair that is short, medium and long. It can also accompany with an updo or a less formal hairstyle. Here is a simple process that can be used to achieve this hairstyle.
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First wash your hair and keep it wet to get a nice even cut. Then part the hair in a triangular shape in front of the crown and keep it in a slightly curved shape. Take the rest of your hair to create a ponytail and divide it over the forehead in three sections such as the first one from your left temple to corner of the eye, second one between outside corner of the left eye and outside corner of your right eye. The last section must be in between the right temple and corner of your eye. Pin the outer two sections of the hair back while cutting the center section. Start cutting the center section horizontally from outside corner of one eye towards the outside corner of other eye. Trim the wet bangs about half-inch longer and create a line across your bangs. Razor comb the ends by running it through the bottom half-inch of the bangs.
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