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Mod Bob Hairstyle


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A mod bob is a simple and beautiful hairstyle that gained popularity during the 1960s. This style is also very popular even in the present day. It was mostly worn by mods who generally used to wear the bob short along with hair cut to jaw length or above at an angle. The mods usually prefer to wear the bob hairstyle with heavy and straight cut bangs along with added texture around the head. There are many celebrities who used to wear this style during the 1960s and there are few who wear it now also.
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This hairstyle is mainly dependent on texture, so you must try to add more volume to hair before starting the styling process. A traditional bob is usually started at the nape of your neck and it will end at the jaw line. To achieve a modern twist to the already unique hairstyle, try to create a shoulder length bob along with blunt cut bangs which must stay just under your eyebrow. It is very easy to style your hair in this way at home by just using a straightening iron. Then spread a little amount of frizz-fighting serum all over the hair to create pin straight hair and then round ends in toward the face. The mods are also known for choosing geometric hairstyles which are often blunt as well as angular. It is good to get help from a hairstylist to create this hairstyle as it involves hair cutting.
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