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Create Tousled Curls With Straight Hair


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Having a hairstyle with tousled curls can help to recreate your carefree days of childhood. It is one of the most worn hairstyle among women including celebrities who like to wear it for special events. Those who have naturally curly hair, they can easily create this type of hairstyle and others who have straight must follow few steps to achieve this style. Here are few simple steps that can be followed to create tousled curls with a straight hair or get help from a hairstylist to create it perfectly.
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To achieve this hairstyle, wash your hair and preheat the rollers. Next separate the hair into 8 to 16 sections. Those who have very thick or coarse hair, they must regularly create more than 16 sections. Then mist each sections of the hair with a little amount of hold spray which will help the heat of the rollers to penetrate into the each section. Now spread a light-hold spray all over the hair and keep the hair a little damp during the styling process. Start rolling each section of hair with a large heated roller and then secure the roller in place using a hair clip. Leave the heated rollers in the hair until it is cooled to room temperature. Take the rollers out of your hair and finger-comb the hair to get a tousled look. In case the hair looks messy, mist all over the hair with a little amount of hairspray.
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