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Zooey Deschanel With Bunches


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Zooey Deschanel has got a hairstyle with bunches which is a different type of style where your hair will be parted down the middle to create two symmetrical bundles like the ponytail. This hairstyle is called in different names in various places and it is also known as a pigtail if the hair gets braided. Most of the times it is worn by toddlers and young girls because it will look perfect on as well as consumes very less time in create. It can be worn in various ways including high or low on your head.
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This hairstyle is easy to create, try to divide the hair into two sections and create a centre parting that is usually done by just parting your hair using a comb in a single movement, without even lifting the hair. Then start combing both bunches at the back of your head from ends to the roots to create a deliberately unkempt look and secure it in place by spreading a little amount of gel or hairspray. Try to tie both bunches with ribbons, hair bands or a raffia to make it looks more attractive. You can also fold the dreads under and twist the hair around the base of bunches to make a twisty bun and then hold it in place with a large tie or a scarf. There are other ways that can be followed to make this hairstyle look completely unique with hair accessories.
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