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Kim Kardashian With Orchid Bun


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Kim Kardashian has got a very unique hairstyle which is called as a orchid bun. This hairstyle will look very much similar to the cinnamon bun, but a little bigger and wider. You must make sure that the length of the hair long enough to create this style. Usually, this hairstyle is created with a long hair and if you have a medium sized hair, add an extension to increases the volume of the bun.
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It is easy to get this style, first wash the hair as usual. Create a ponytail with left hand and hold a hair stick horizontally over the pony with your right hand. Flip the pony over the stick and down on the left side of your head. Start rotating the stick until it points at position of the head. Try to hold the tail smoothly during this process and try to loosen only if required. Wrap the tail loosely in the direction around the whole thing and behind the stick. Tuck the ends of your hair under the ponytail. Take the scalp hair and then invert the stick just like it is done in a normal bun. Take the stick up over the loop that was created earlier to keep the loop in place. Try to loosen the loops a little bit if you think it is too tight. Finally you can add any attractive hair accessory such as jewels or flowers to make it look unique.
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