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Spiky Pigtails


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Creating a hairstyle with pigtails can be really interesting for most of them as it is usually worn by kids. You can change a pigtail to a fabulous hairstyle by creating spiky pigtails. This style can be a perfect choice when you have facing bad hair days or hot humidity. It can be worn with short to medium hair and spiky pigtails can be created with longer hair also.
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It is easy to achieve this hairstyle, first wash your hair completely and use a towel to dry it. Try to keep the hair slightly damp hair as it will be very easier to style and flexible to work with. Spread a little amount of styling gel all over your hair and distribute it evenly using a comb. Next divide the hair into two sections including one on the left and another one on the right. Start the styling with the left side and pull the hair to create a high pigtail. The base of your pigtail must sit at the upper left side of peak of the head. Try to keep the pigtail higher to create the spike easily. Use the same process on the other side of the hair. Use a hair dryer to dry your hair by using medium heat and then spread a styling wax over the short hair to spike it upward. Try to make the shorter hair stick upward and back-tease medium-length hair at the base to create a spike effect.
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