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Checkerboard Hairstyle


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A checkerboard hairstyle is a very unique way of styling the hair. There are different ways and methods that can be followed to achieve this style. It is also considered to be a fun and funky way of styling your hair which can look attractive. This hairstyle is not liked by most of the women as it can look completely unique. It is one of the hairstyle that is capable of creating a geometrical and artistic pattern in your hair. There are several ways that are followed to cut your hair to get this hairstyle which is usually done by hairstylist.
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It is a hairstyle that allows versatility and creativity for everyone with any type of hair. To create this hairstyle, start the styling with the hair that must be no longer than one inch in length. You can try to use about three different color of hair dye to style the hair. Begin the styling by dying small squares of color in your hair and you can also leave some squares of the hair to see the natural hair color. Try to select a hair dye which is artificial color on each square. The hairstyle can be customized with the help of larger or smaller squares of hair. You can also implement the checkerboard pattern with the hair on one section of the scalp. Those who are planning to look more attractive, this hairstyle can be a perfect choice for them.
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