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Tousled Curls With Wavy Hair


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Creating tousled curls with wavy hair can be very easy when compared to other types of hair. This style represents the return of carefree days during the childhood where the hair used to be naturally curly. Keep all the styling tools and products ready before starting the styling process. Here is a simple method that can used to create tousled curls with wavy hair.
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It is easy to create this style, first wash your hair a day before the styling process. Then separate the hair into eight different sections. Take the first section and pin the rest of the section with hair pins. Next spread a heat protectant gel on each section of the hair and make sure to keep the hair damp with the heat protectant before starting the curling process. Now keep the curling iron in a vertical position and then wrap the first section of the hair around it. Keep the ends of the hair in your fingers and avoid using the clamp of the iron because it can crease the hair in an unattractive way. Leave the curling iron on your hair for about two or three seconds and use the same process to curl each section of your hair until all of the hair on your head has been curled. At last you have to wait for some time until the hair becomes cool and finger comb the hair. Mist all over the hair with a shine spray to end the styling process.
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