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Alicia Keys With Braided Mohawk


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Alicia Keys has got a very unique hairstyle which is called as a braided Mohawk. It is a unique way of styling the hair which gives an outlandish look of a punk culture and an ethnic styling method. There are only few celebrities like Alicia Keys have been seen wearing this type of hairstyle. This hairstyle is a fashion trend which is usually worn by teenagers and the hair will be braided to create a Mohawk that will easily give an attractive look. The most important thing in this hairstyle is it can be created without shaving your head partially. Just follow this simple method to achieve this hairstyle.
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Start the styling process by washing your hair using a shampoo and then dry it using a blow-dryer. Create sections to create cornrow braids to make it lie flat against the scalp to get the Mohawk look. Bend your head to one side and then part your hair vertically with the help of a rat-tail comb starting from root to end. Create different sections over other side of your head and separate the parted section with a duckbill clip. Try to duplicate the size of the parted section to get an even appearance. Now remove the duckbill clips and start wrapping a small elastic band on each cornrow. Braid your hair on all the cornrows to get a symmetrical Mohawk look and secure the end with elastic bands. Try to straighten or curl your hair depending upon the length.
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