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Curly Boy Cut


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A curly boy cut is a simple and easy way of styling the hair. This style is usually worn by kids. To get a unique look, there are many women with short hair try to have this hairstyle. Those who have a curly hair, they can face problems in managing it and with a proper haircut messy curls can be changed into a youthful style.
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It is easy to create this style, first section off your hair to keep perception of the length. Then divide the hair into four sections such as right, left, back and top. Start cutting the sides of your hair by holding one inch sections of hair between the fingers vertically and keeping the fingers parallel to the head. Next cut the back of your hair by brushing one inch sections away from the head and cut it vertically parallel to your head. Now take the top section to straight up about one inch to cut the just above the fingers. Gently cut the hair by moving along the edges where top meets sides and back. Make sure the length of the hair is same and trim where necessary. Use a razor to run along the length of your hair towards the ends. At last use thin shears to adjust the way your hair falls. Try to use the use the shears only for very thick hair along the length of your hair at least 1/4 inch from the scalp.
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