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Hairstyle With Shaggy Cut


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A shaggy cut has been popular among boys for a long time and in the present day there are many girsl who like to style there in this way. This style is an updated version the haircut that was created in the 1970s and it can be achieve with any type of hair from short medium in length.
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Begin the styling process by dividing the hair into sections such as top, sides and back. Secure the top and side hair using hair clips and take the rest of the hair at the back. Take the desired amount of hair at the front to cut the bangs below, midway or top of eyebrows. There are two methods that is used to cut the hair to make it angle toward your face and angle it away from the face. You can cut the layers straight across your head and use the same techniques on the other side. Make sure that the layers on both the sides of the head are reasonably even. At last cut the hair at the back by adding the number of layers. The layers at the back are usually cut with straight or angled cutting technique which was used to cut the rest of the hair. Having multiple layers can give a highly textured look and fewer layers will give a slightly more sleek as well as sophisticated look. Maintain the hairstyle by trimming the hair at least once in six to eight weeks.
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